September 12, 2007

Crystalyn Kae

This summer I spotted these handbags online, and I was so impressed. They come from a designer named Crystalyn Kokorowski, whose business is based in Seattle. Aren't they beautiful? She has made some special edition items out of leather, but most of her designs are made of glaze-coated fabric, which is suitable for vegans or those that don't like leather products.

Crystalyn Kae handbags looked so great online, I had to see them in person. When I was in Portland I made sure to visit a boutique that stocked these bags. And guess what? They are so soft, and so pretty. I loved the way it rested on my shoulder and the beautiful stitching. The vintage fabric that peeks out from some of the designs is so cute! Seeing the bags in front of me affirmed that they not only look great, but feel great too.

My two favorites are the Soiree Drawstring (seen above) and the Troubadour Tote.

Although I keep looking at the hobo and clutch bags, too!

Now I'm the first to admit that my budget is still recovering from 7 years of grad-school and the choice to stay home with the kids instead of work full-time, so most of my purses are roughly valued at less than $20. BUT, when I do buy my first "nice" bag, I definitely want it to be one of these! We'll see what the next year brings!