September 18, 2007

Could I borrow a Smencil, please?

I am now in the quest for a filing/organizational system for our new home. When we moved we got rid of our two-drawer metal filing cabinet, and now we are looking for something much smaller to replace it. It has to be pretty because it will be out in the open. I have a huge paper problem, so I really need to get this under control! While perusing the vast Internet options, I ran into this great shop called See Jane Work. They have some very fun products like these Smencils, which are scented pencils. Of course they have pretty binders, notebooks, and file folders. I really enjoyed their amusing (but true!) little write-up on a home office. So many things to choose from and lots of fun to look!


jle said...

My problem is that i love getting the stuff organized, but i'm really pretty sad at KEEPING it organized--if my paper stuff had to be out in the open i'd need an invisibility cloak or something--are you going to post pictures when you find your storage solution? When i started trying to get my huge wad of photos organized i purchased some plain craft (brown cardboard, essentially) storage boxes. But the ones on that site are too cute!

jen said...

An invisibility cloak... not a bad idea! My filing solution will probably have to do with ikea. Although I like the storage boxes on this site, none of them seem big enough. We are downsizing from a two-drawer, but still need a good sized box. Plus, the ikea prices are great! I really want to get a binder from See Jane Work, but I have very little need for a binder right now, so can't exactly justify the expense!