February 13, 2008

Baby Legs

I can't help but write about these amazing things that are helping me (and my daughter) survive the cold winter. I love, love, love Baby Legs!

First of all, aren't they just so cute? I always feel so bad when I have to take off all of my baby's layers to change her diaper. With these footless/waistless "legs", she can still stay warm while I take care of her. Wind chill is an evil thing that can rip through almost any clothes, so the warmth of these little legwarmers are great for my girl when we are outside. And did I mention how cute they are?


jle said...

VERY cute!

julia said...

hey, Jen! i tagged you over at my site to hopefully come out and play! It's for a 6 word memoir meme, and i'd love to see your take on it! Here's mine and the rules:
If you play, please be sure to link yours back to mine!

Angela said...

Love the babylegs, and I love the beautiful things you discover and share on your blog. I love etsy too.